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Rockin' Your Business Finances

Business Finances…can I get a collective groan? But WAIT! What if I could explain to you in regular words how to understand your business finances so well that any future discussion with your CPA, your partners, or your bank are on your terms?

What if I could teach you a huge chunk of useful information, including how to:

Know your financial numbers with certainty
Significantly lower your tax liability
Create benefits that far exceed anything that a large company can provide
Understand what your numbers mean when it comes to paying yourself and growing your business
Inside these pages, you’ll find example worksheets to reinforce your learning before applying them to your own business. There are also thought-provoking questions to help you dig deeper into your business finances.

The Adventures of Black Goat and Yellow Dog

Black Goat and Yellow Dog live together in the country and they regularly have grand adventures.

In The Adventures of Black Goat and Yellow Dog, Maggie the Magpie challenges Black Goat to meet the Bear who lives down the road. Maggie knows Black Goat is afraid of everything.

Black Goat has a best friend, Yellow Dog, who not only joins him on adventures, but is also a steady force in his life. When Maggie challenges Black Goat, he is afraid but knows Yellow Dog will help him find the Bear. Along the way, they meet others in the neighborhood.

Cover of The Adventures of Black Goat and Yellow Dog: Meeting the Bear